Take a trip into the past of old Sutton

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Heritage enthusiasts are invited to learn more about their local history when Sutton Heritage Society displays hundreds of old photographs, books and receipts in the town centre on Saturday.

The society will be holding a stall near the sundial in Portland Square, in the Summer Solstice event.

Library services advisor Marg Thorne said: ”Anyone with an interest in old Sutton will find plenty to see on our stall.

They can browse through the photographs books and displays.

“If they can remember parts of old Sutton it is nice to see how it has changed and how things were like in the old days.

“Anyone who wants to join the group can come along and talk to us and see what sort of things we do and what we get involved in.

“People are more than welcome to bring memorabilia and photographs for our archive.

“They have no need to worry about us losing them, usually we will photograph them on the spot and give them straight back.”

The society has 25 members and was formed in 1992 to promote the study of the local history of Sutton and awareness of the area’s heritage.

Over the years its members have played an active part in preserving buildings, artefacts, documents and other materials of historic interest.

Their latest success story was saving a 18th Century windmill on Prospect Place from being demolished, when they joined forces with other local groups to form a Friends group.

Ashfield District Council secured £30,000 of Heritage Lottery Fund cash to turn it into a local heritage centre that will be dedicated to the history of the mills of Sutton.

Marg said; “A lot of the old buildings have been demolished around here - we don’t want to see all our heritage disappear.

“If anyone thinks a building should be preserved we will have a good go at making people aware of that.

“We probe what the council is doing and what planning is being made as well as doing our own research.”

“We are not always successful in saving everything, but if it is worth preserving for future generations we give it a good try.”

The Heritage society also saved dresses belonging to Skegby Hall after successfully bidding for them at auction.

The dresses can be seen on display at the Hope House Costume Museum in Staffordshire.

Ongoing projects include preserving the records from the old Conservative Club which was demolished on Fox Street earlier this year and uncovering the hidden bits of the River Idle in Sutton.

The group meets on the second Tuesday of the month St John’s Church Hall with visiting speakers, film shows and presentations.

It holds regular displays and presentations celebrating the region’s industrial heritage and the changing face of the town.

The display at the sundial will be held from 9am-4pm.

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