All-night party causes chaos on main road

Annesly Bypass closed on Sunday morning.
Annesly Bypass closed on Sunday morning.
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THE main road between Hucknall and Annesley had to be closed as an all-night ‘rave’ in woodland, which attracted 250 partygoers, caused chaos.

Senior police officers took the decision to shut the A611 Annesley bypass to traffic for 13 HOURS on Sunday November 6 after revellers had illegally parked up to 100 vehicles on the 60mph dual carriageway.

Safety was a major concern because some of the partygoers, who were understood to be aged in their 40s and 50s, became drunk and wandered into the road.

Officers shut the bypass at 1.30 am and didn’t re-open it until 2.45 pm when the site was finally cleared. Traffic had to be diverted through Newstead.

Chief Insp Andy Clarke, of Mansfield police, said: “There was a very real risk that someone could have been seriously injured because there were people walking into on a road where cars travel at 60 mph.

“This caused signiificant disruption to drivers and I would like to thank them for their patience and understanding.”

Coun Helen Smith (Lib Dem), a member of Ashfield District Council for Woodhouse, which covers Annesley, said: “Everyone likes a bit of fun. But we have to look at the safety, and that was not taken into consideration here.

“I cannot encourage ‘raves’ like this. The district council and police had no notice until it was happening.

“There are accidents on the A611 all the time and if someone had gone staggering into the road, we might have had a tragedy on our hands.”

Bob Collier, vice-chairman the campaign group Annesley Community Committed to Ensuring Sustainable Settlements (ACCESS), said: “I would imagine that to stop something like this would be near impossible. I suppose 40 years ago, it may have been something I would have been part of, so I cannot criticise it.

“Nobody has complained to us as a community group.”

An Ashfield Council spokeswoman said it was working with the police, and investigations were under way into the unlicensed event.

She said: “We have received one complaint in respect of noise from the event.

“Once investigations are complete and the organisation of and activities at the event are established, the council will consider appropriate action to be taken in respect of licensing and environmental-protection legislation.”

A police spokesman said inquiries were being carried out surrounding the organisation of the event.