ANNESLEY: Police review ‘boy racer’ order

A dispersal order which puts a stop to ‘boy racers’ through Annesley is up for review.

Coun Don Davis, representing Woodhouse, reported a return of car cruisers back to the area.

He said: “I immediately contacted the case officer who gave me a detailed review of the current situation, I welcome PC Scales offer to address residents concerns directly via the local community group ACCESS in the next meeting.”

Sergeant Simon Scales confirmed that he hopes the dispersal order can be put in place for another six months.

“A decision will be made at the end of the month.

“I am hoping that it will continue on, for one thing it saves a lot of money in terms of policing and the other is that it has worked a treat and keeps the number of incidents reduced. It has almost eradicated the problem,” he said.

The order prevents car cruisers from meeting up around Sherwood Business Park. It was put into place by Nottinghamshire Police and Ashfield District Council on 1st June. People who race cars in the area can be moved on by police - and could face a £2,500 fine or a three-month prison sentence. The order expires on 31st October.