Aussies say g’day to Christmas

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BULWELL-born Clive Palmer, who emigrated to Australia in 1981, has returned like a boomerang to spend Christmas in his home town.

He is accompanied by his wife, Jodie, their son, Alex (16), and their daughter, Tanesha (five).

They are staying with Clive’s mother, Janet Palmer (72), on Bromley Close, Crabtree Farm Estate. Clive lived at this address before he moved Down Under.

The family live in Perth, Western Australia, which is where Jodie originally hails from.

Clive (47) is an ‘old boy’ of Henry Mellish School on Highbury Road, Bulwell, and said he felt sad to see the building currently being demolished.

Nottingham City Council says removal of the school buildings will make the site more marketable as a potential site with for much-needed family homes.

Said Clive: “When you are away from a place for a long time, it really hits you when you come back and see all the changes that have taken place.”

Clive, a chef, is the obvious choice to cook Christmas dinner for the family. Jodie (42) works on a community education programme back home.

It is a first visit to England for Alex and Tanesha. They have never seen snow and their hopes of a white Christmas do not look like being realised unless there is a sudden dramatic drop in the temperature.

n OUR PHOTO shows the family enjoying their festive family get-together in Bulwell — DISPIC NHUD12-3170-1.