BACKTRACKING: Taking you on a trip down memory lane

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50 years ago

15th March 1963

Headliners - two children have narrow escapes when FIRE destroys most of the ground floor of a house on Northcote Street, Bulwell.

Ambulance men use resuscitation equipment to revive an 18-year-old Bulwell girl who suffers a serious ELECTRIC SHOCK.

Two Hucknall METHODIST CHURCHES, Bestwood Road Bethesda and Cavendish Street, decide to merge into a single unit.

The Liberal candidate for Bulwell’s St Albans ward in the Nottingham City Council elections, Arthur Haskey, voices his support for council tenants being given a better chance to BUY THEIR HOMES.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- Hucknall and Bulwell Labour MP William Whitlock praises pupils of Blenehim Secondary Girls School, Bulwell, for organising a bazaar to support the international FREEDOM FROM HUNGER campaign.

Everyone has a duty to be constantly on the alert for all kinds of INJUSTICE at local, national and international level, says well-known solicitor R.A.Buckley in a talk to Hucknall Men’s Moot.

Hucknall schoolteacher Barry Orridge seeks to break the 50-MILE WALK record of ten hours and 57 minutes.

Johnny Laverne and the Comanches provide music for a DANCE at Hucknall Church Hall on Ogle Street.

A thrilling adventure film set in German-occupied Greece, ‘The Guns of Navarone’, co-starring Gregory Peck and David Niven, is showing at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall.

COURT -- a 41-year-old Bulwell housewife stole 99 of the SOAP POWDER LEAFLETS she was employed to deliver around the community, magistrates are told.

SPORT -- Bestwood Colliery Football Club romp home 8-0 in an away Notts Alliance senior division match with Bilsthorpe, Page netting four of the goals.

25 years ago

11th March 1988

Headliners - a disabled woman on Snape Wood, Bulwell has all the TYRES on her car slashed, which neans she must catch a bus to keep a hospital appointment.

Two police officers are injured and four people are arrested when a BRAWL breaks out in Hucknall town centre.

Machinists who go on strike over a pay cut at the Highfield Productions hosiery factory on Byron Street, Hucknalll, say the premises are at risk of becoming a SWEAT SHOP.

Hucknall ratepayers are to face a 2.7p in the £ increase -- a rise of NINE PER CENT, Ashfield councillors decide.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- two regulars at the Plough and Harrow pub on Hucknall High Street, Rachel Wigginton and Kevin Parkin, have their HEADS SHAVED in aid of cancer research.

The proposed POLL TAX would make life miserable for many elderly people in Bulwell, claims Coun Paddy Tipping, a Bulwell Labour member of Notts County Council.

A Hucknal-based knitting club known as the KNITWITS stages its second charity show at Ald Derbyshire School in Bulwell.

In another charity event, a group of men take part in a sponsored UNDERPANTS CHANGE at a house on Papplewick Lane, Hucknall.

COURT -- a Hucknall youth who stole £5 from a GAMING MACHINE put the money back into other machines, magistrates hear.

A 29-year-old Hucknall man who lost the sight of an eye in a CAR CRASH is given a suspended sentence at Nottingham Crown Court for reckless driving.

SPORT -- two controversial decisions by a STAND-IN REFEREE mean that Hucknall Rolls-Royce Celtic football team drop a vital championship point in a 3-3 draw with Jolly Farmers in the Notts Sunday Morning League’s premier premier division.

10 years ago

14th March 2003

Headliners - a 52-year-old man dies tragically when a CARAVAN is engulfed in flames on land at the back of Woodhall Farm at the end of Blenheim Lane, Bulwell.

Ashfield councillors give an assurance that a MINING MEMORIAL is in the pipeline at the former Hucknall ‘Bottom Pit’ site. Retail giant Tesco is giving £30,000 towards the project.

Revelations that Ashfield councillors are to enjoy a slap-up ANNUAL DINNER at a cost of about £7,000 spark strong criticism.

Potentially dangerous anti-depressant TABLETS could have been lost somewhere in Bulwell, say police.

A driver vanishes after his car ploughs into a LAMP-POST in an accident at Annesley.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- staff at the Collins coffee shop on Hucknall High Street hope customers will enter into the spirit of Comic Relief by purchasing RED NOSE ICED BUNS.

A need to listen to young people’s views as part of a major plan to upgrade HUCKNALL TITCHFIELD PARK is made by Coun Jim Blagden, a Hucknall Labour member of Ashfield Council for the town.

Controversial TRAFFIC HUMPS in Bestwood Village are a hot topic at a meeting of the parish council.

Plans for 800 NEW HOMES on Hucknall’s Wigwam Lane playinjg fields continue to be a highly controversial issue.

A new POST OFFICE is opened at the Co-op superstore next to Bulwell Market Place -- but customers complain that there is nowhere to post a letter!

A single mum who accidentally fell and broke her BATH says she cannot get Ashfield Council to provide her with a new one.

PEOPLE -- Bulwell Labour MP GRAHAM ALLEN is chosen as ‘Backbencher of the Year’ in a poll among his colleagues at Westminster.

The Rev EDDIE PILLING, a former minister of Watnall Road Baptist Church, Hucknall for 18 years, dies suddenly at the age of 73.

SPORT -- Hucknall Town Football Club reach the final of the Unibond League CHAIRMAN’S CUP with an impressive 4-1 victory over Blyth Spartans.