Better out, says survey

Mark Spencer MP.
Mark Spencer MP.

A survey conducted by Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has shown that so far 80 per cent of constituents would like the UK to withdraw from EU membership.

The MP received several thousand responses to the survey, which asks the same question the country could see in an official referendum in 2017 over whether we should stay in the union or leave.

Mr Spencer said it was fantastic that the issue had caught people’s interest within Sherwood.

He added: “I was very happy to see that people seem to be genuinely engaged with the issue of our EU membership, with many attaching additional notes and talking about a potential renegotiation of the terms of Britain’s involvement.”

The results of the referendum showed 80 per cent of people felt we should come out, while 20 per cent thought we were better off in. Mr Spencer said the results showed the Prime Minister was pursuing the right course of action.

Campaigners against the union say the UK would have greater freedom to make stronger trade deals with other nations but many business leaders say staying in the Single European Market is vital to remaining competitive.

“It is very clear from these results that most people are unhappy with the current situation,” said Mr Spencer. “It just shows that David Cameron is right to try and change our relationship with Europe.

“We have to work hard to swing things in our favour and make sure that we get what we need from the EU.

“If there is a Conservative government after 2015 we will have a referendum and people in Sherwood will be able to take this decision.

“I hope that at that stage we will have secured some real victories for Britain in terms of bringing powers back.”

Responses from a small number of areas to the ballot are still outstanding.