Bewildered by council voting

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Once again I am left bewildered by decisions made at full council meetings.

The decision to overturn my decision to spend money to enhance the Water Meadows leisure facility which is used by over 10,000 residents of Mansfield, makes me wonder what do these people want?

Not only is it an investment in facilities, which everyone agrees have been lacking in investment over the last 20 years, it also created jobs. Sounds familiar, the hotel and restaurant debacle comes to mind.

To say they want money spending on the Meden Sports Centre instead is nothing more than electioneering to win over the voters in Warsop. I think it is an insult to the people of Warsop that the Labour Group think they are so gullible. 
The monies were there to do both and so far everything I have said would happen to the Meden Sports Centre has happened and I won’t be happy until the centre is fully operational again. 
This is yet another missed opportunity so to the 10,000-plus residents who use the Water Meadows Leisure Centre I apologise for not being allowed to invest in your facility.

Why would a ward councillor of any party whose ward is in Mansfield, vote against spending money to enhance a facility in 
Mansfield which is used by the residents who voted them in, perhaps you should ask them?

My priorities for the leisure facilities remain the same, to work in partnership with the Leisure Trust and invest in the facilities for the benefit of the people of our district. I do not intend as Councillor Lee quotes .
“argue” my case at full 
council, as “arguments” have no place in decision making, involvement and communication do, but alas this does not appear to be on their agenda.

Full council meetings have degenerated into 
nothing more than a stage, where actors play out their roles to an audience of none, a complete waste of taxpayers’ money, as the decisions have already been made at the pre-meetings which take place immediately before them.

This again reiterates what I keep saying, politics should play no part in local government, we should all be trying to do what’s right for Mansfield and district and again I say “Mansfield first”.

On a sad note another of our former councillors and chairman of the council passed away recently, Fay Spate. 
Fay became my Aunty Fay many years ago and knowing the family, as family, I know she will be sorely missed. R.I.P Aunty Fay.