Bike thefts on the increase in Bulwell

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Bicycle thefts in Bulwell have increased.

The thefts are mainly of unlocked bikes left outside shops or back gardens, during the day and the night.

There have been a small number of thefts in Bulwell Forest as well.

Police have pledged to put on extra safer neighbourhood team patrols and are calling on residents to take extra care to secure their property.

A police spokesman said: “Ensure that you purchase a good quality lock for your bike and use it whenever the bike is not in use.

“If possible bring the bicycle in doors during the night and when not in use.

“If you keep your bike in a garden shed, make sure there is a good quality lock on the door to the shed and if possible fit a security light to the shed.

“Take a photograph of the bike to give to the police if the bike is stolen.

“Have the bike marked with your name or postcode.

“Secure all gates leading to the rear of your property with good quality locks and security lights.”

Report any suspicious behaviour to the police immediately. Anyone with information can call police on 101 or 0800 555 111.