Boxing clever by bringing veg from field to your door

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A NOTTINGHAM-based vegetable-box company is growing at a fast rate with customers from across the Dispatch district and the rest of the county signing up to the scheme.

Thanks to the idea from PARSNIPS AND PEARS, which has signed up 400 customers in the first three months of operation, Dispatch district residents can now enjoy fresh, locally-sourced produce direct to their door.

Experienced farmer Sara Barlow (pictured) founded the business at the family farm to provide ‘honest to goodness, great quality, great-tasting seasonal produce’.

Feeling the community loss of the greengrocer, Sara wanted to deliver and source fresh local produce without the added postage and package price tag.

Sara said: “Why rely on supermarket produce that’s been half way around the world and back, when something can be picked from a nearby field and on your fork soon afterwards?

“We are all about providing simple, seasonal produce at a sensible price.”

Following a successful pilot scheme, the company is now extending the service across the area.

“Eating seasonally makes for a far more varied diet and allows us to offer fair and reasonable prices,” added Sara. “This is not produce that has been imported or freighted from one end of the country to the other and so that’s a cost we simply don’t have to bear.”

Boxes are available in different sizes, from mini to medium, large to extra large and special occasion.

Unlike many vegetable box companies, the food is not organic.

The company says this ‘doesn’t mean it’s covered in pesticides or has been genetically modified’.