Bulwell steps up ‘get healthy’ drive

NHUD11-2362-5'Bulwell Fun on the Forest.'Juliana Kilbourne gets a critical eye cast on her shooting from Bulwell Forester Thomas Watson.
NHUD11-2362-5'Bulwell Fun on the Forest.'Juliana Kilbourne gets a critical eye cast on her shooting from Bulwell Forester Thomas Watson.

A DETERMINED group aiming to tackle the flagging health and wellbeing of residents in Bulwell is ready to step up its campaign.

The ‘Get Fit, Get Healthy, Get Involved’ initiative was launched by the Bulwell Forest Action Group (BFAG) earlier this year.

It coincided with a damning report from the Department of Health that revealed men in Bulwell die almost ten years younger than counterparts in other areas of Nottingham.

Shocking statistics also show that the town suffers from poor levels of health and high levels of obesity, illness and deprivation.

Local residents decided to take action for residents of all ages.

A showcase event for ‘Get Fit, Get Healthy, Get Involved’ was held at the SNC Active sports centre at the former Henry Mellish School on Highbury Road.

BFAG was also behind the Fun On The Forest attraction last month, which featured a vast array of attractions with a health and wellbeing theme.

Now the group is encouraging locals to take advantage of a packed programme of events set up to run in the town every week.

A free walk-to-health initiative taking in Bestwood Country Park is available on Mondays.

On the same day, there are netball sessions and and bowls groups.

Fitness classes focused on flexibility and balance are scheduled on Wednesdays, with an emphasis on keeping the elderly active.

Backing has been received from Notts County Football Club’s football in the community programme and the Magpies run sessions on Thursdays and Fridays at the SNC Active centre.

Also on Fridays, at the same venue, there are sports nights for 12-to-16-year-olds.

Other schemes involved in the campaign are youth groups to engage teenagers, complete with support from the Nottingham Outlaws BMX club on Sellers Wood Drive.

And a youth cafe runs every Thursday evening at the United Reformed Church on Broomhill Road, at its junction with Brooklyn Road.

The campaign is backed by Bulwell’s Labour MP, Graham Allen, Stroke Awareness, Nottingham Change Makers for Health and Age UK.

Bill Blackamore, who is a driving force behind the campaign and an integral member of the Bulwell Forest Action Group, said: “We believe it is vitally important that all residents should enjoy better health and wellbeing.

“Opportunities to improve the quality of life should be available to all residents.

“We want everyone to get involved in this campaign and discover how each of us can work towards a better life.

“Health and wellbeing are for everyone, and everyone is invited to get involved.

“Think how you, your family, your neighbours and friends can build wellbeing into your daily life.”

Those behind the campaign have hopes of launching other groups, including one targeted at a women-only group.