Call to quell ‘explosion’ of fireworks

The Firework Extravaganza display  in Fleetwood
The Firework Extravaganza display in Fleetwood

Fireworks which exploded in Hucknall’s George Street area were ‘like a bomb going off’, it was claimed this week.

At a meeting of the area’s Tenants and Residents Association, members called for a legal restriction on how loud fireworks should be.

They agreed to send a letter to Parliament and are also launching a poster campaign to express their concern. Association secretary Cath Garratt said: “I have no wish to be a killjoy for people organising bonfire parties. But during the past week, I sat in my home and could not hear my TV, even though it was on full volume, because fireworks set off nearby were so loud.”

Members are concerned about distress caused by extra-loud fireworks to old age pensioners, young children and animals, especially blind people’s guide dogs, in close-knit areas like George Street. They want such powerful fireworks to be confined to official displays.