Car crime hotspots named in Hucknall

Inspector Nick Butler.

Inspector Nick Butler.

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Hucknall cops are hailing a two-week crackdown on car crime as a success after reducing the number of thefts and break-ins by half.

Over the past two weeks officers have been targeting the hotspot areas in Hucknall and the surrounding villages as part of their Help Us To Help You campaign in the Ashfield South policing area.

Car crime in Hucknall

Car crime in Hucknall

The campaign of advice leaflets and face-to-face discussions with residents has yielded rewards with only two incidents of car crime reported in the 14 days to Thursday, November 5, when normally as many as four or five vehicles are hit.

In Hucknall, Leen Valley Way, Polperro Way and Papplewick Lane were visited; in Annesley Woodhouse, Belmont Road and Little Oak Avenue were singled out, and in Selston, Portland Road was identified.

Inspector Nick Butler said: “We want to make it really clear that we don’t blame the victims of crime, but we do need people to help and not leave things on display. We have been visiting streets where we know crimes have happened and making sure cars are locked.

“It just goes to show that if the public take a bit of extra care it will prevent these offences from happening.”

Car crime in Hucknall

Car crime in Hucknall

Inspector Butler warned that even small amounts of loose change and items of relatively low value can still attract thieves.

He said: “We are talking about habitual drug users who only need small amounts of money to get them through the day. They’re not looking for i-pads or Apple Macs.

“It is surprising the things that we have found left on display on the backseats of cars, like laptops and handbags.”

Sergeant Simon Scales said the Premier Inn carpark on Nottingham Road was also a hotspot for car crime, but this was not carried out by opportunistic local thieves and tended to be the work of organised gangs working nationally.

Inspector Butler added: “A big thank you to everyone who made sure their vehicles were - always locked, removing valuable items when leaving the vehicle or always making sure they are in the boot or out of sight.

“It does work. We have only had two incidents of theft from vehicles reported over the two week period in the whole of Ashfield South.”