Chocolate chic at Carr Bank

Karen Ball who opened Choccycocochic in Mansfield on Saturday.
Karen Ball who opened Choccycocochic in Mansfield on Saturday.

There’s something sublime about the smell, taste, texture and even the sight of chocolate as it sits on shelves all smug and smooth tempting us to take a taste.

The rich, silky, shiny surface of this cocoa treat make it simply irresistible and delicious and gives a feeling of pleasure when consumed - if a little guilt too.

But imagine working with the brown nuggets every day, melting it, spooning it, moulding it and then sharing the heavenly joy it creates.

Well one Mansfield woman does just that after setting up a business around the sweet confectionery.

Karen Ball, has launched Choccy Coco Chic, based at Carr Bank Stables behind Mansfield Manor Hotel, which houses a number of craft-style businesses.

This move now gives Karen a base for the business which started from home a year ago and allows her more space and facilities to expand.

“My idea for the business came after I went on a chocolate course with my daughter just for fun,” explained Karen who lives in Mansfield Woodhouse. “Whilst on the course I enjoyed it so much and all these ideas came into my head about how I could develop what I had learned and turn it into a business.”

Karen started by holding chocolate parties in people’s homes in the evening and at weekends whilst maintaining her job working for a charity.

“It was hard work as I was working all hours during this initial period but it was a great way to start up and I got some feedback from the parties which has helped me develop the business further and streamline the products to what people really like.”

Now Karen has given up her job to concentrate her efforts and put all her energy into making her business a success.

“I’ve had wonderful support from my family and friends which has proved invaluable,” added Karen. “My daughter has set up my website and my daughter-in-law has designed all my promotional leaflets and posters.”

Karen is now concentrating on holding chocolate tuition courses, parties for any occasion as well as children’s parties.

“It’s all about passing on my knowledge and experience to people who want to learn how to make their own chocolate gifts and products,” added Karen. “I run courses from Delia’s Tea Room on site or I can visit people in their own homes or businesses to show them how to make and create and learn the tricks of the trade and become their own chocolatier.”

Choccy Coco Chic can also provide you with the products needed to make your own creations. From chocolate moulds, transfer sheets and even chocolate jewellery and gifts for those chocolate lovers amongst us.

“I’ve had a great response and it’s going really well with ladies groups asking me to give demonstrations and my first course already fully booked.

“Now I can give the business all of my time I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and helping the business grow.”

For more information about the courses and also activities during half-term call 07772 842117 visit or email: