Chris Hunter’s technology column: Best in music downloads

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One subject that often comes up in my day to day work is that people love to listen to music, but sometimes don’t know how to get access to it on their phones.

The first thing you need to decide is, do you want the music you already own on CD available to you or do you want to discover new music?

If you want to transfer your CDs over to your phone there are a number of different software options available to you.

In my opinion the best two are everyone’s favourite price……Free. Windows media player (WMP) or iTunes make it easy to transfer CDs onto your PC or Mac. (Chris’s tip is to make sure you select mp3 as the file format, check the options in the software as it differs depending on what version you have and .mp3’s are compatible with most if not all devices.)

If you have an iPhone you should be using iTunes already and you can use WMP for other devices. These two programs make it really easy to sync (copy from one to another) your music playlists.

Have a go and if you get stuck, book an appointment with me or another o2 Guru. Details are at the end of the column. If you want to discover new music there is one app I personally love called ‘TuneIn Radio’.

This is available for iPhones/iPads, Android devices and windows phones from the relevant app stores. ‘TuneIn Radio’ gives you the option to listen to tens of thousands of radio stations from around the world.

My favourite feature is to search by genre, so for example if you love rock, you would select music and then scroll down the different styles until you come across rock. Once you select it you will be shown all the different rock stations worldwide.

If you keep scrolling down you even get the chance to narrow down your listening choice by sub-genre (Metal, Indie rock etc.) Just remember that this app needs an internet connection so my advice is to use it on Wi-Fi and only on mobile data sporadically so you don’t either run out of your data allowance or get charged for going over.

I will be doing my best to answer questions that you can email in to me at with the word Guru in the subject line or make an appointment with me by going to and clicking on ‘book an o2 guru’ and then searching for Mansfield, or another store if that suits you better.