Cops need more domestic-abuse powers

GRAHAM ALLEN -- condolences
GRAHAM ALLEN -- condolences

A DEMAND has been made for the police to be given extra powers to tackle domestic violence — after an investigation into the murder of a young mum by her Bulwell partner.

Sanchez Williams (27), of Lathkill Close, brutally beat Casey Brittle (21) to death at her home on Springfield Street, New Basford, last October. The attack was carried out in front of their toddler daughter.

As reported in last week’s Dispatch, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) criticised the Nottinghamshire force’s handling of the case.

It said officers had failed to deal with repeated cries for help from Miss Brittle, while information was not passed to the force’s domestic abuse unit, despite 11 reports of violence involving Williams and Miss Brittle.

Now Bulwell’s Labour MP, Graham Allen, has met with the government’s Police Minister, Nick Herbert, to discuss the case and other ways of reducing crime.

Weapons suggested as ways of tackling domestic abuse include:

USING bind-overs where offenders who step out of line are hauled before the courts immediately;

‘GO orders’, which give police powers to banish attackers from their home for 48 hours to cool off;

DEVELOPING perpetrator programmes to work with law-breakers at an early stage;

AND the use of ‘violent-offender orders’ in cases of domestic attacks.

Said Mr Allen: “The death of Casey Brittle was a tragedy for the whole community of Nottingham, but most importantly for her family. Words cannot describe the appalling act of violence committed by an abusive and violent partner who took this young mother from her daughter and family.

“I extend my condolences to them as they continue to cope with the heartbreaking loss of Casey.

“I am pleased that Nottinghamshire police have fully accepted all the recommendations of the IPCC’s report and have already implemented a new strategic approach towards identifying and responding to domestic violence.

“The new, comprehensive training programme for all police officers and staff will enable the force to provide better protection and support for those who experience domestic abuse.

“I would like to join the mother of Casey Brittle, who has called for the fostering of a better attitude towards women at risk of domestic abuse and for the broader community to play their part as active citizens in reporting acts of violence and aggression.”

Mr Allen and Coun Alex Norris (Lab), of Nottingham City Council, also discussed with the minister ways of cracking down on the theft of metal, including drainage grates, and greater recognition of the success of council-employed community protection officers.