Drunk Bulwell mum attached taxi driver with vodka bottle as eight-year-old son watched on

CRIME: Crime scene.
CRIME: Crime scene.

A drunken Bulwell mum has been handed a nine month suspended jail sentence after she attacked a taxi-driver with a vodka bottle in front of her own eight-year-old son.

Letesha Buchanan (29), of Hoefield Crescent, Crabtree Farm Estate, pleaded guilty to two charges of unlawful wounding of the driver and to damaging his taxi on Thursday 23rd January when she appeared at Nottingham Crown Court.

After they got in the car, Buchanan lost her temper because he had not parked directly outside the house.

“She was abusive towards the driver and also made a curious reference to his race,” said Mr Gimson.

“When the driver called his company for assistance, she tried to snatch the car radio from him.”

After getting out, she struck the car with the vodka bottle, making dents in the vehicle, the court heard.

She then swung for the driver twice, using the bottle as a weapon, “cracking him over the skull” with it and causing a 15-millimetre cut.

As fellow drivers and police officers came to the rescue of the man, Buchanan continued to be abusive, the court heard.

But when arrested and interviewed, she could remember very little of the incident because she was so drunk.

William Bennett, defending, said: “She accepts the facts as they have been put to her. But she binges twice a week, and she thinks she has a drink problem.

“Her behaviour was dreadful, if not disgusting.

“She lost her job because of this incident, which has had a very sobering effect on her. The possibility of her going to jail put her son “in a dreadful situation.

“When he left home for school this morning, the boy said to her: Good luck, mum. I hope you’ll be picking me up tonight,” said Mr Bennett.

“She could not have felt more wretched at that point.”

Judge Michael Stokes, QC, told Buchanan: “This taxi driver was just doing his job. He was carrying out a public service.

“You couldn’t have complained if I had sent you to prison. However, you have an eight-year-old son who is at school this very minute, wondering if you will be picking him up. If you do anything like this again, you will go to prison.”

As well as the suspended jail-term, Buchanan was told she must be supervised by the probation service for a year. She was also placed under an electronically-tagged curfew between 9 pm and 6 am for two months.