Man arrested for cannabis production after Kirkby house fire

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A 26 year-old man was arrested under suspicion of producing cannabis after a massive blaze at a Kirby house.

Firefighters were called out to the fire on Milton Street at about 11.20pm on Tuesday last week.

A resident of the street named Calvin said on the night of the fire he heard sirens walked out his front door to see flames coming out from under the house’s roof tiles.

“Then the roof collapsed,” said Calvin.

“It sounds horrible, but it was quite exciting to see. Because the houses are terraced the smoke was spreading to other houses.”

Calvin said a smell of cannabis had been noticeable and getting stronger on the street during the weeks leading up to the fire.

Firefighters used four breathing apparatus, four hose reels and an aerial platform to extinguish the blaze.

It is understood that no-one was injured during the incident.

A spokesman said the arrested man had been released on bail pending further enquiries.