CUTS CRUNCH: city’s ‘toughest’ decisions ever

DEEP cuts in public spending will impact on Bulwell residents as cash-strapped Nottingham City Council looks to finalise the “toughest budget we have ever had to set”.

The council is among those hit hardest by reductions in government grants and will lose out to the tune of £60 million a year.

Now it faces having to increase charges for nursing-home fees, reduce grants to organisations supporting vulnerable people, slash the amount it spends on repairing roads, increase entry-prices for heritage sites and museums and reduce support for jobseekers.

Councillors on the executive board met to discuss the budget and the final proposals will be ratified at a meeting of the full council on Monday March 7. But the council has revealed that some steps have been taken to protect services that residents value the most.

These include keeping SureStart children’s centres open, retaining community protection officers who tackle anti-social behaviour and making sure wheelie-bins are emptied on time.

The council is looking to cut 370 jobs next year, saving more than £11 million. Proposed changes to terms and conditions for staff have also been put forward for consultation, which could reduce the number of compulsory redundancies.