DANNY PAREKH MURDER TRIAL LATEST: Girl ‘thought guy was just punching Danny’, court told

Danny Parekh
Danny Parekh

A SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD girl told a murder trial jury that she did not realise Bulwell dad Danny Parekh had been stabbed during an incident in a children’s play park.

The girl said she thought the attacker was just punching Mr Parekh and it was only later she realised the man had used a knife.

Giving evidence on a pre-recorded tape, she told the jury: “I saw this guy dressed all in black with his hood up come on to the park.

“He was going towards Danny. He was just tall. He was kind of like big and muscly.

“He’s gone over towards Danny and flicked this knife out. Danny’s gone to run but he slipped on the grass.

“I thought the guy was just punching Danny until I saw the blood.

“Danny was laid on his back. The guy was stood over him. Then I think the guy stabbed him one time more and walked off.

“I saw some of it but I was putting my hands over my face. I was crying. I think Danny was screaming.”

Earlier a teenage boy, who was also at the park when the stabbing took place, told the jury that he has since done his best to forget what happened.

The boy said: “I can’t remember. It’s all a blur. I’ve done everything to forget about and its gone. I haven’t been able to remember for months.”

The jury was shown a pre-recorded DVD made back in July in which he gave a witness account of what happened.

But under cross-examination he said: “I just watched the video and it didn’t bring nothing back.”

The prosecution allege that Joshua Davey killed Mr Parekh by stabbing him 16 times during the incident at Oakleigh Street play park, Old Basford.

It is alleged the attack was carried out in revenge for an earlier incident in which a 15-year-old boy was humiliated in front of his friends by Danny Parekh.

Joshua Davey (20), who at the time was living on Deptford Crescent, Bulwell, and the boy, who is now 16, both deny murder on 7th July last year.

The 16-year-old, who cannot be identified, also denies encouraging or assisting to carry out an assault on Danny Parekh and a further charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm to a teenage girl by kicking her in the face.

The trial continues.