Daredevil Paul goes wing-walking

A SELF-confessed adrenaline-junkie from Hucknall took to the skies for a spot of wing-walking to raise the profile of a 200-year-old friendship society he is a member of.

Paul Archer (51) took on the daredevil stunt, which involves being strapped to the wing of an aircraft while it soars into the air.

He was joined by Patricia Allen (57), of Ilkeston, who is a fellow member of the Oddfellows Society.

The organisation, which was formed in 1810, offers social activities for its 120,000 members across the UK.

Paul experienced speeds of up to 150mph during his tough, physically-exhausting challenge, which was designed to show that when it comes to Oddfellows, the sky is the limit.

The fearsome feat took place in Gloucestershire, with the help of the Aerosuperbatics wing-walking display team.

Paul and Patricia received training and guidance throughout the day because both were first-time wing-walkers

The duo, who are members of the Erewash branch of the Oddfellows Society, were joined by several other peers from around the country and had the support of a crowd of friends and family 500 feet below on the ground.

Paul’s wife, Melanie, is branch secretary for Erewash. She said: “We’re always trying to think of new ways to show people there’s more to the Oddfellows than they might think.

“Paul is a self-confessed adrenaline-junkie, so when he got the opportunity to give wing-walking a try, he jumped at the chance.”

After landing, Patricia said: “It was amazing. The wind was so strong that it nearly took your breath away.”