Derbyshire County Council aim to tackle mental health stigma

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Mental health stigma and discrimination is being tackled by Derbyshire County Council as part of the national Time to Change programme.

The county council pledged its commitment to the campaign on Friday at an awareness raising event held at County Hall in Matlock.

Time to Change aims to reduce mental health discrimination, help people with mental health problems able to address discrimination and hold an annual mass participation event centred around physical activity to bring together people with and without mental health problems.

Coun Anne Western, leader of Derbyshire County Council, said: “Stigma and discrimination has a profound effect on the lives of people with mental health problems. It stops people from seeking help, which delays treatment, impairs recovery and isolates people.

“By gaining a better understanding about mental health issues and taking steps to stamp out stigma and discrimination, we can improve the way we support staff with mental health problems as well as identifying service users who may need our help and support in this area.”

The county council has drawn up an action plan setting out how it will tackle these issues in the workplace and as part of the services it provides to local people.