Desperate mother pulled knife on son

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A desperate mum “lost the plot” and pulled a knife on her own son before attempting to commit suicide.

Paula McLaughlin (42) had five children, two of whom were at university, Nottingham Magistrates’ Court heard.

But she “reached the end of her tether” one day with 24-year-old son, Richard Scott, at the flat they shared in Bulwell.

“Money was tight, yet he was selling items to fund the drugs problem he had,” Amanda Parker (defending) told the court.

“When she got home, there was no food in the house, the cleaning had not been done and the pots had not been washed,” said Miss Parker.

“She just told him to get out and when he refused, she got a knife.”

In the altercation that followed, Mr Scott, who is 6’4” tall, sustained scratch marks to his chest.

McLaughlin claimed he got the injuries when picking up a shopping-trolley to defend himself.

“But she accepts her wrongdoing,” added Miss Parker. “It was out of character and unacceptable.

“After she was released from the police station, she made an attempt to take her own life by taking an overdose.”

McLaughlin, who is now living at Caunton Avenue, Mapperley, pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Scott on Wednesday 11th December last year.

Miss Parker said the incident was “the catalyst to seek help for the tremendous pressure and stress she was under”.

She had suffered many bereavements in her life and things had gone badly since the death of her mother. She was “genuinely finding it difficult to cope with life” and was now receiving help from a psychiatrist and also from the charity, Framework.

McLaughlin was sentenced to a community order of 12 months, with supervision by the probation service.