Dinner lady who dished up 640,000 meals!

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A DINNER lady has laid down her serving spoon after 24 years working at a Hucknall school — and overseeing the dishing-up of an estimated 640,000 meals!

Suzanne Flowers, who has just celebrated her 60th birthday, has spent more than two decades working at Hucknall National Primary on Montague Road.

To mark her retirement, the school held a special assembly when children handed over a special book packed with messages of goodwill.

Suzanne, of Vaughan Avenue, Hucknall, was also presented with a watch, a bouquet of flowers and countless cards.

Barbara Pear, who has worked alongside Suzanne for the last 13 years, said: “She was pretty emotional on the day.

“She is a lovely person and very good-humoured. She has always been there for anyone who has a personal problem.

“She has always put herself out for the children and will be missed by everyone at the school.”

Suzanne is married to Pete and has two daughters and two grandchildren. She enjoys travelling and going to concerts — hobbies that she plans to enjoy during retirement.

She also plans to keep in regular contact with National Primary.

OUR PHOTO shows Suzanne on her retirement day, flanked by pupils (from left) Lewis Allen, Marshall Stevens, Alex Riley, Ellyanna Bogg, Sophie Bacon and Shauna Ward-Bailey — DISPIC NHUD11-2474-2.