Dog at death’s door after eating presents!

CHOCS AWAY! Ace back home this week with Hayley and Ellie
CHOCS AWAY! Ace back home this week with Hayley and Ellie
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A DOG named Ace loves chocolate — but his sweet tooth nearly killed him after he scoffed the family Christmas presents!

Ace, a Doberman aged three-and-a-half, ended up at the Buckley House vets’ surgery in Hucknall in a critical condition after gorging on no fewer than FOUR boxes of chocolates.

And he was lucky to survive after an emergency operation.

The chocaholic pooch is owned by Hayley and Ian Brentnall, and their two children Sam (15) and Ellie (12).

Hayley (40) told the Dispatch: “I arrived home one evening after doing some late-night shopping for Christmas.

“We had put Christmas presents under a tree in the front room. The door was closed but Ace managed to open it by moving a special latch with his nose.

“He tore open every present and then devoured all the chocolates he found.

“The front room looked as if a bomb had hit it, with paper scattered all over the place from presents I had wrapped up.”

“Ace got very sick, throwing up everywhere, and I took him to Buckley House the next day. He was put on a drip and they saved his life”.

The family, who live on Sandfield Road in Arnold, have had Ace since he was an eight-week-old puppy. Hayley said he had always been a scavenger but had excelled himself this time!

Ace has now recovered from his chocolate binge. But it can hardly be said that he has learned from the experience because this week, he knocked a recycling bin over to find out what was inside.

Hayley said: “What happened to Ace certainly has its funny side but it could have had a tragic outcome because, at one stage, he was at death’s door. I cannot thank Buckley House enough for what they did.

“The family would have been heartbroken if we had lost Ace. He is a very special pet.”

Buckley House, of West Street, found itself with a remarkably heavy workload during the festive period. So much so that vet Jonathan Hadley — who treated Ace — slept on the premises so that it would be easier for him to cope.

Patients included two dogs which, instead of chocolate, opted to swallow gloves — although both have now fully recovered.

A cross-bred dog was taken in with a displaced hip after a road accident, while a poorly parrot also came to the surgery’s attention.

“It is all in a day’s work,” said Jonathan.

“But I was surprised that we got so many unusual cases to deal with during the Christmas and New Year period.”

An expert on Dobermans, which used to be widely used as guard dogs or police dogs, Jonathan added:

“They are intelligent, make loyal companions and have the characteristics of playfulness and curiosity.”

Perhaps he could have added that, in one particular case at least, they are very partial to chocolate!