Drivers turning quiet village lane into a ‘rat run’

ON THE ROAD TO TRAGEDY? Coun Bob Brothwell on Church Lane, Linby, where, he warns there could soon be a fatal accident
ON THE ROAD TO TRAGEDY? Coun Bob Brothwell on Church Lane, Linby, where, he warns there could soon be a fatal accident
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DRIVERS are flouting the law and turning a road in the quiet village of Linby into a dangerous “rat run”, the Dispatch has been told.

Church Lane became an ‘access only’ route from the village four months ago.

Signs went up to notify drivers but Coun Bob Brothwell, chairman of Linby Parish Council, says many motorists are ignoring the new rules and are, in turn, putting the safety of other road-users and pedestrians at risk.

The troubles came to a head at 8 am on Wednesday last week when a teenage girl, riding a motor scooter, was run off the road by a car using Church Lane as a cut-through to the village.

The car-driver sped away, leaving the girl trapped under her scooter for several minutes.

Thankfully, passing workers from Gedling Borough Council came to her rescue. She suffered minor injuries.

Coun Brothwell said: “This was a very near miss for this girl and it could have been a lot more serious. The road is just being used as a rat run.

“I think this is a timely warning that there could be a tragic accident. We need to take action now.

“We have large tractors going up there for access on to the fields and there are a lot of blind bends. One day, there is going to be a smash between a tractor and a car breaking the law and I know for a fact it won’t be the tractor that comes off worse.”

For several years, there has been a campaign to have Church Lane blocked off at its junction with Waterloo Road.

Two years ago, the parish council was informed that Notts County Council was considering making the road ‘access only’. Residents were consulted and they were unanimously in favour.

When the road is used as a cut-through, it causes particular traffic problems at the Church Lane football ground, home of the Linby Colliery Welfare club, and at St Michael’s Church.

Coun Brothwell said: “Some drivers probably haven’t seen the signs because they haven’t been paying attention. But others are just ignoring them. What’s more, the police are not enforcing the rules.

“The laughable part of all this is that it is probably quicker to go along Waterloo Road than to use Church Lane as a cut-through.”