Parents urged to apply for Notts primary school places

File photo.
File photo.

Parents whose children who are due to start primary school or transfer to junior school in September 2015 are being reminded that they can make an application for a school place between 3rd November 2014 and 15th January 2015.

They are entitled to express preferences for the schools they wish their children to attend, but do not have outright entitlement to a place at the school they like best.

Parents are being warned that they should not assume that their child will get in at a particular school just because they live in the catchment, have a brother or sister attending the school or live reasonably close to the school.

They need to make use of all four preferences and ensure that their application is received on time.

The council recommends that at least one of the preferences on the application should be for a school where they are sure that their child will meet one of the higher criteria for admission.

The best way to apply is online at