Elderly lose vital day centre

A LIFELINE day-centre used by the elderly in Hucknall has closed — after 36 years of dedicated service to the town.

The volunteer-run Age Concern venture provided a weekly session for pensioners, featuring get-togethers and chair-based exercise.

It was originally based at the Broomhill Court complex on Broomhill Road.

And when that venue was demolished, it switched to the Darlison Court complex for the elderly on Ogle Street almost ten years ago.

Now, because of a lack of new volunteers and the advancing age of stalwart supporters, it has had to end.

The youngest of eight dedicated volunteers who worked with the service up to its last session was 67.

One of the leading lights, Joan Hallam, of Long Hill Rise, Hucknall, will soon turn 80.

“Everyone is very sad to see it go,” said Joan, who has been involved for 35 years.

“For some of the users, it was the only day they got out of their home. We had five volunteer drivers who would go out and collect people to bring them to sessions.

“But sadly, the time has come for us to finish.

“The users are very sad and disappointed to see things end.

“We have all made a lot of friends over the years. But the volunteers are getting older. Many of the founders are now dead.

“I would like to thank everyone involved for their support over the years.”

Joan made it clear that the decision to close was not down to a lack of funding because the service had been well supported by Notts County Council.

She also thanked Ashfield District Council, which owns Darlison Court, for allowing Age Concern to use a room at the venue for free.