Exotic birds stolen in Huthwaite

Two exotic birds have been stolen from a farm in Huthwaite.

The pair - a white Ducorp’s Cockatoo and a blue and gold Macaw, were taken from a shed on land near Strawberry Bank between 6pm on 21st January and 10am on 22nd January.

The juvenile males can talk and by their very nature could be a noisy addition to your neighbourhood. If you have heard them, call police.

The Macaw also has a medical condition and it is imperative he receive specific treatment for it.

If you have seen or heard the parrots or think you know who is responsible for taking them contact police or call Crimestoppers anonymously.

Secure your shed. Use a strong padlock and make sure the door is affixed with a three-point hinge system. Add grills to any windows and fit a shed alarm. Where possible chain large items kept in your shed together and affix them to a central anchor point on the ground. Lock garden gates and install a motion sensitive security light trained on the shed.

Report suspicious activity around homes and gardens to police.