Flooding fears on site marked for new homes

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BULWELL Labour MP Graham Allen says flooding of a field off Cinderhill Road in the town makes it ‘totally unsuitable’ for a plan to build 100 houses there.

Mr Allen has consistently opposed the proposed development, which is being considered by Broxtowe Borough Council.

He says: “The site is in a flood zone, so the problems that would be involved in building houses there speak for themselves.”

Mr Allen, who lives near the site, said a former farm on the land was mentioned in the Domesday Book.

He added that a footpath on the site was used by residents of Bulwell’s Hempshill Vale and Crabtree Farm estates.

“The land has remained unbuilt on for 1,000 years and should remain so,” said Mr Allen..

A Broxtowe Council spokesman stressed that no building would be allowed on a site where there was a major risk of flooding.

It was therefore up to the developer to come up with a solution to drain the land if the scheme went ahead, said the spokesman.

He added that the council was required by the government to find space for a certain number of new homes but no definite decision had been made about the Hempshill field plan.

“The site is not prime agricultural land and my own view is that there is little to commend it from a scenic point of view,” said the spokesman..

n OUR PHOTO shows part of the field under flood water during last month’s heavy rain.