Former National Academy student returns to inspire others after winning research scholarship

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A former pupil of National returned to the school recently to tell pupils of her success in winning a scholarship.

Verity Bingham who left the Annesley Road school in 2007 to train as a nurse, stooped by to act as an inspiration to students.

Verity, has been awarded a scholarship to go overseas to research a topic connected to her line of expertise and spoke of her delight at being given this rare opportunity.

“I answered the phone and there it was: ‘We’re delighted to tell you, you have won the Roosevelt Scholarship’,” said Verity.

“A trip to America to research something I am fiercely passionate about. Amazing.”

The Roosevelt Scholarship was founded in Nottingham after the Second World War when young men were sent as ‘unofficial goodwill ambassadors’ to share expertise with our wartime allies.

Now the scholarship is awarded to young men and women of Nottingham to research an area of their choice that is relevant to the businesses and professions in the city.

Each year a nurse is chosen for such a journey. And this year Verity, a staff nurse at Nottingham Children’s Hospital, is the chosen one.

“As of October, I will be embarking on a three-month trip to America to research self-harm in children and adolescents, and how we can improve care for them at Nottingham Children’s Hospital,” she explained.

“Self-harm is a growing issue among young people in Nottingham and it is vital to tackle it in order to safeguard them.

“I will travel around America visiting hospitals to collect expertise and knowledge. When I return I aim to use my experiences to help train staff at NUH in the ways other hospitals deal with the problem.

“It’s important that we equip our staff with skills which will help them feel empowered and confident when caring for patients who have self-harmed.”

On her return, Verity is expected to attend major conferences to learn how other areas work and will represent Nottingham and NUH and help put us on the healthcare map.

“I want to bring this issue to the forefront of our priorities and ensure that future generations receive the best treatment,” added Verity. “America can provide this. Its expertise and different adolescent-based healthcare programmes will be vital in helping us achieve our goals.

“I will tweet and blog along the way and provide a report of my findings that will be the start for in developing a better way to care for these young adults while they are in hospital. You can follow me on Twitter via @Bingham.