Global awareness on the menu at school

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YOUNGSTERS got to grips with language workshops teaching Swahili and Chinese as part of an annual Global Awareness Day at a Hucknall school.

The event, at Hucknall National Church Of England Academy on Annesley Road, involved more than 200 students.

The aim was to show the practical benefits of learning a second language.

The day was laid on by the school’s head of languages, Olga Monteith, who is a native of Paris, and Kirsteen Bardell, who is head of psychology.

A series of workshops was staged, with one given by Jim and Lorna Stirland, who co-ordinate National’s link with a school in Uganda, Halcyon High. In fact, National teacher Mike Jones is currently teaching at Halcyon High as part of a sabbatical.

Other attractions included a presentation by Sue Walters, of the SEW Consultancy, who focused on the Congo, and workshops from Nottingham and Trent University language students.

A highlight of the event was a cookery challenge, staged by the French Living restaurant in Nottingham.

OUR PHOTO shows Louise Luiggi, of the French Living restaurant, checking out the gratin dauphinois made by year-nine girls Shayne Craig (left) and Megan Corthorn — DISPIC NHUD12-0281-1.