Government agency responds on tax-band row

A GOVERNMENT agency has responded to a group of angry home-owners on a Hucknall estate who say their council-tax bands are unfair.

Earlier this month, the Dispatch reported on households at Papplewick Green, off Papplewick Lane. They say houses of vastly varying size and value are asked to pay the same levels of tax.

But a spokesman for the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), said: “The VOA is responsible for valuing all homes for council tax, based on what the value would have been in 1991. Homes that existed in 1993, when council tax was first introduced, were placed in bands at that time. Homes built since then are still banded reflecting 1991 levels of value.

“The range of value for a council-tax band can be wide, which can mean that homes with different physical attributes are in the same band. It is therefore not uncommon for homes with different numbers of bedrooms to be in the same band.

“Taxpayers can formally challenge their band by appealing to an independent tribunal. Or they can contact us, explain why they think it is incorrect and we will review the banding.

“There is no charge for this service. If we agree that a band is inaccurate, we will change it.”