Hucknall residents call for action against flooding before Rolls-Royce development gets underway

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West Hucknall residents called upon Sherwood MP Mark Spencer to join their campaign for improved drainage following flooding issues on Watnall Road.

The area has been plagued for many years by flooding close to the Rolls-Royce site and residents are calling for improvements to the drainage system before the development gets underway.

“We invited Mr Spencer to come and talk to us about our worries,” said Mr Vaughn Gallagher who lives on nearby Olympus Court and is part of the Reach Out Residents’ Group.

“We showed him the video that Mr and Mrs Scothern have from the flooding which occurred in July 2013 and the photographs from the flash flooding after the recent storm two weeks ago.

“He said he would help us and made some suggestions.”

The flood investigation, carried out by Nottinghamshire County Council doesn’t cover this part of the town because the houses weren’t penetrated but the council have been carrying out general maintenance in the area.

“The council has been out emptying the gullies but they cleared them out in October,” added Mr Gallagher. “We believe the issue is the sewage pipes and we want the situation investigating.”

Mr Spencer MP, said it was up to Ashfield Council to ensure that Rolls-Royce take the flooding issues into consideration at the time of the development under the National Standards for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

“There is an obligation by developers to look at water and how it flows,” said Mr Spencer. “But there is also an onus on homeowners to protect against flooding too.”