Hucknall’s new political party unveils candidates

Ten candidates for the brand new political group Hucknall First Community Forum (HFCF) will stand in the Ashfield District Council (ADC) elections on May 7th.

The group only received official notification of their status as a properly constituted party from the Electoral Commission on Tuesday.

HFCF describes itself as ‘the only organisation officially looking after Hucknall people’s welfare and interest’ and say it is ‘solely interested in representing and delivering the very best services to the residents of Hucknall through working with local people and local partnerships’.

A spokesperson said: “This means working with members of the public, representing various organisations. They are made up of

tenants and residents associations, community groups, Churches Together, friendship groups, pensioners’ organisations, children’s centres and local charities.

“The key priorities will be set by the people of Hucknall and members of Hucknall community groups at the forum meetings.”

The next forum meeting is on 22nd April at 7pm in the Baptist Church on Watnall Road, where people can come along, meet the candidates and have their say.


Trevor Locke, for Hucknall South, has been a councillor for 12 years and a resident of Hucknall for 25. He has

had various roles on the council and has been a committed community worker.

John Wilmott, for Hucknall North, has been a councillor for 25 years and has been a resident of Hucknall most of his life. He has been chairman and deputy leader of the council.

David Shaw, for Hucknall Central, has served on both district and county councils and has previously worked for Framework within

the community.

John Stout, for Hucknall South, was born in Radford, but has lived in Hucknall for 32 years. He is an ex-pit man, former Army sergeant and was previously a shop steward for the GMB.

James Blagden, for Hucknall Central, has lived in Hucknall for 40 years and spent 18 years as a caretaker at Spring Street School. He was a councillor for eight years and also spent time as chief whip.

Rachael Clarke, for Hucknall North, has been a Hucknall resident for most of her life and says she is passionate about the Hucknall people. She is employed as a speech therapist for the NHS.

Ian Young, for Hucknall West, is a former Rotary club chairman and proud Hucknall man. He is also a committed worker and volunteer within the community.

Jean Toseland, for Hucknall West, is a voluntary driver in the community, member of the Reach Out Residents’ group and past

president of Hucknall Dramatic Society.

Harry Toseland, for Hucknall West, is a former chairman of Ashfield District Council and is also involved with a number of community groups and is a veteran of the Royal Navy.

Robert Gow, for Hucknall North, is a founding member of the Winding House project in Bestwood Village, and a former independent district councillor.