I’m not for switching, says Hucknall MP at centre of UKIP speculation

Mark Spencer MP.
Mark Spencer MP.

Hucknall MP Mark Spencer has rubbished claims that he will be the next Conservative MP to switch to UKIP.

The Political Scrapbook website, which says it is “Read in newsrooms and the Westminster village”, is running an article headlined “Mark Spencer, Is this the face of the Tories’ next UKIP defector?”.

It then goes on to list a number of reasons why it thinks Mr Spencer will be the next MP to switch.

The article has been shared and promoted on social media, in particular the micro-blogging website Twitter.

Hucknall councillor Lachlan Morrison tweeted: “Is @MarkSpencerMP the face of the Tories’ next UKIP defector?”

And he added: “He ticks A LOT of boxes.”

Responding to the claims, Mr Spencer tweeted: “Any bets on me joining UKIP, please make your cheques payable to Sherwood Conservative Association.”

Mark Spencer spoke to the Dispatch and confirmed he wouldn’t be switching.

And he added: “I haven’t denied switching to UKIP but I also haven’t denied switching to Labour, the Liberal Democrats or the Greens either, or the Bus Pass Elvis party.

“I’m content to stay in the Conservative Party.

“It was fun to be at the centre of a silly Twitter story - that’s all it was really.”

In his blog, Bassetlaw’s Labour MP John Mann focuses on Mr Spencer.

He concludes: “We watch the Tory chicken run with interest.

“Does Spencer man up and lose in May to Labour or does he try a desperate gamble with UKIP?

“We will know soon.”

One of the reasons people are speculating that Mr Spencer could defect, is the fact that he gave constituents an “In-Out referendum” on Europe.

With a number of Conservative MPs vocal in their support for Europe, the issue is hitting headlines.

He said he would be carrying out his own referendum on Europe and promises to share the results with the Prime Minister.

He said that, as Sherwood’s MP, he had heard different opinions from hundreds of people in the constituency on this issue.