Ian makes a stand for rights of men

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Well-known community stalwart and Rotarian Ian Young has announced he will be standing in the next general election - for a new party.

Mr Young will be a candidate representing Justice for Men & Boys (And The Women Who Love Them).

Formed in February last year, J4MB claims to be the ‘only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for an end to state assaults on men’s and boys’ human rights’.

And it adds: “We’re planning to change the face of British politics.”

Mr Young, himself a campaigner who highlights the plight of men who have suffered domestic abuse, says he is excited by the challenge ahead.

He told the Dispatch: “It’s a very exciting time and I am looking forward to campaigning hard.It might be unrealistic to think we could win it but we will be highlighting a cause.”

The current Sherwood MP, Conservative Mark Spencer, has welcomed Mr Young’s news.

He said: “It’s all part of the democratic process. I’ll be fighting hard as I want to remain as a representative of people in Sherwood.”

And he added: “If he can highlight an issue through doing this, good luck to him.”

Labour’s Alice Grice, a county councillor and feminist, said that having viewed the J4MB website, the group had misunderstand feminism.

She said: “Feminism is about bringing an end to all gender-based oppression, discrimination and exploitation.

“Feminism is for the benefit of all members of our society.”