Improvements in Shirebrook are a banker

Lloyds staff in action at Shirebrook Academy.
Lloyds staff in action at Shirebrook Academy.

Shirebrook Academy knew who to bank on when it came to rejuvenating the school’s former site.

That’s because 51 staff from Lloyds Bank gave their time to the company’s ‘Give and Gain Day’, for which the Common Lane site was selected as the beneficiary.

The school moved to a state-of-the-art new building in April 2013, which they share with Stubbin Wood Special School.

As a result, a sustainable development that includes a post-16 centre and horticultural learning facilities was commissioned for the old site.

‘The Pine Cone Construction Project’ includes plans to transform the surrounding landscape will feature an orchard, woodland, an orangery, a yurt and an allotment.

The Lloyds team used their day to contribute to part of that work, completing a whole host of tasks including tree planting, willow sculpturing, planter bed construction and the assembly of a yurt.

They also raised £1,300 for equipment costs and to put towards the Academy’s related extra-curricular activities.

“The toughest task of the day involved planting the 30 fruit trees for the school orchard and the erecting of the yurt with Mongolian instructions!” said Lloyd’s relationship manager Conor Dolan.

“Voluntneers returned to work with sun burn and a few blisters, but new skills and warm hearts.”