Letter: Christian? Who cares...

Good Friday March through Hucknall town centre, starting at Mary Magdelene Church.
Good Friday March through Hucknall town centre, starting at Mary Magdelene Church.
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David Cameron has really stirred things up with his comment about us living in a ‘Christian country’.

The arguments will roll on across the next few weeks, perhaps cynically engineered with a view to forthcoming elections?

But what are we arguing about and why?

It’s a pointless argument because you will never change the views of those on either side of the debate.

Apparently Christians feel under threat from secularists and other faiths. They will claim restrictions are being placed on their ability to be overtly Christian.

Well, I can report from my own experience that it’s not just the faithful who face restrictions in this country.

As a Humanist my ability to earn a living is restricted by Christianity and its influence over our political system.

I don’t really know what Christians are scared of?

We have an established church and we have Bishops in the House of Lords and after 2000 years religion is still a major part of society.

Church-run schools thereby having a direct access to a potential new flock.

And I don’t really know what the Secularists hope to achieve - their right to ‘not believe’ is not being curtailed in any way.

Please remember, atheists and theists live side by side and go about their business each and every day without having to argue about if they live in a Christian country - they are quite happy to live in a country where Christians and non Christians can just be decent human beings.

Drew Baxter

Humanist Celebrant