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Trinity Methodist Church

Last Wednesday morning, the Toddler Group met in the schoolroom, followed in the afternoon by the Bright Hour. The speaker was Mr David Pollitt, who spoke about the music he plays and what it has meant to him. Mrs Cilla Marsh chaired the meeting, and Mrs Wyn Sansom was the pianist. The Youth group, Engage, met in the evening . On Thursday evening, the Youth group, React, met. The Rupert group held its meeting last Friday, at the home of Mr and Mrs R Walters,and was led by the Rev. Rodney Warden. On Friday lunchtime, the families in receipt of free school lunches were invited to lunch at the church. It was well attended. On Sunday morning the preachers were Mrs Irene Spencer and the Rev Arthur Spencer. Mrs J. Walters and Mr B. Sayeg, acted as the stewards, and Mr David Richards was the organist. The congregation celebrated the birthdays of Mr David Richards, Mrs C. Marsh, and Mrs V. Hocking. Coffee was served afterwards in the schoolroom. On Monday afternoon, the Home Fellowship met at the home of Mrs Mary Marsh and was led by the Rev Arthur Spencer.The group studied ‘Jeremiah’.

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