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The ARTiculation Prize 2014 is an annual event designed to promote the appreciation and discussion of art. The competition seeks to engage students, regardless of background or experience with art and to develop the confidence and ability to express opinions, thoughts and conclusions. Competing students delivered a ten minute presentation to an audience about a work of art, artefact or architecture of their choice. The final of this year’s ARTiculation Prize took place at Clare College, University of Cambridge earlier this month. Several Shirebrook Academy students attended two ARTiculation Discovery Days, at Chatsworth House last year where they researched artifacts from the Duke of Devonshire’s estate and along with students from six other schools, presented their findings to the Duke, a group of art historians and university lecturers from around the country. Lucy Salisbury, Head of Outreach for the Roche Court Educational Trust, who attended the Discovering ARTiculation Day at Chatsworth, later sent invitations for Shirebrook Academy students to attend the regional heat of The ARTiculation Prize at the Hepworth Gallery, Yorkshire. Students then prepared speeches and delivered them to groups within the Academy. Six students, George McDonnell (Y9), Abigail Shevlin, Adrianne Nussey, and Courtney Parsons (Y10), Katie Salmon and Georgina Mae Hall delivered their power point presentations and speeches to a Year 7 class, plus three visiting African teachers, Mr Marshall, Miss Miller and Mr Croft who adjudicated their performances. Katie Salmon was awarded first prize and later delivered her speech about the American photographer, Eve Arnold before television cameras at the Hepworth Gallery. All students received certificates and prizes. Adjudicator was Dr Abigail Harrison - Moore, Programme Director for the MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies, University of Leeds. A group of Year 8 students recently visited Drax Power Station, North Yorkshire. The Stardome has also been available in school. A group of students recently visited a GCSE Science Live event ahead of the Academies Science and Engineering week which began on Monday. A Key Stage 3 Science Club has been established to accommodate all the budding science enthusiasts.

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