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At Wednesday week’s meeting Rachel Schofield and Hope Henstock judged a talent show. Winners were Bethany Scrimshaw, Charlotte Hall, Charlotte Smith and Lottie Peake. Members then did Brownie centenary badgework, choosing which vegetables to grow and designs for planting cress seeds. Leaders were Pam and Beth Peake and Rachel Schofield.

Methodist Church

Nick Biggar led Sunday week’s service and Di Smith operated the clavinova. Door stewards were Sue Beniston and Sheila Clarke and vestry stewards were Brenda and Trevor Johnson. Arnie Kells manned the sound mixer desk and gave a PowerPoint presentation. Denise Matters opened the service and, with Marjorie Henshaw, gave Bible readings. Eva Harrison and Charlotte Biggar took the offertory. Anne and John Baines led junior church. Ann Patrick, Di Smith and Denise Matters served refreshments. Members of learning and caring group ran Monday week’s Oasis session of listening and prayer.

Beechwood Court

Chairman of 50 Plus Club, Mr Norman Broadbelt, opened Thursday week’s meeting, attended by 37 members. He was bingo caller and, with Mr A. Key, provided refreshments. Mrs M. Hoyland and Mrs S. Key served teas and Mr T. Rowe, Mr J. Clarke and Mrs M. Gwynn did kitchen duties. Mesdames M. Marchant, J. Turner, Gwynn, Key, and J. Boyer and Mr J. Clarke assisted with bingo and sold tickets. Birthday greetings were sung to Mr Broadbelt, Mr Key and Mrs Gwynn. Members played cards and raffle winner was Mrs S. Scott.

Busy Bees Club

At Anchor Centre nine pre-school children, accompanied by adults, attended last Tuesday week’s meeting and five accompanied children attended Thursday week’s meeting. Crafts included using small balloons to make figures and children played with toy vehicles, a doll’s house and a toy kitchen.

St Andrew’s Church

There was a 20-minute prayer period on Thursday week. The Vicar, Canon Dr Richard Kellett, conducted the funeral of Eileen Bader on Friday week. Organist was John Dunn. The vicar celebrated Sunday week’s early said Holy Communion. Reader Graham Clarke led sung parish communion attended by older junior church members. Associate Priest, the Rev Adrian Dempster, was celebrant and organist was John Dunn. Sheila Shepherd, Susan Patchett and Jane Crafts gave Bible readings and Stewart Riley and John Byrom led prayers. Rose Hardy and Maureen Dempster were in the ministry team. Stewards were Janet Pursglove and Jackie Greenhalgh. Yvonne Swain and Karen Bradshaw served refreshments. Hilary Hillman led younger junior church members at the church hall.

Monday Club

Chairman, Mr Jim Clarke, opened Monday week’s meeting at Healdswood Community Centre, attended by 24 members. He and Mrs M. Wallace were bingo callers. Mrs S. Clarke was raffle winner. Ticket sellers were Mrs M. Briggs and Mrs K. Nelson. Mrs J. Hague and Mrs R. White did kitchen duties. Birthday greetings were sung to Mrs M. Gwynn.


At Monday week’s meeting members discussed ideas for future activities, played bingo and prepared for a trip to Wheelgate Park, Farnsfield. Leaders were Catherine Willis, Anne Bagley, Michelle Cook and Louise Flint.

G Force Line Dancing

At yesterday week’s meeting at Anchor Centre members practised for a dance weekend at Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Stanton Hill

All Saints’ Church

Associate Priest, the Rev Adrian Dempster, celebrated Sunday week’s Holy Communion assisted by Reader Eleanor Greaves. Ina Halfpenny and Margaret Osborne gave readings and Tom Stimpson was organist. Ian Hallam led Brightlights Youth Group’s meeting.

Baptist Church

David Ward led Sunday week’s all-age service. Hazel Williams was pianist. Pastor Sharon Craddock led the evening service. The church was open for prayer last Monday week. There was a prayer lunch on Thursday week. In the evening Shirley Dicks hosted Bible study at her home. Sensei Michael Burke, of Zanshin Karate Association, led karate classes in the sports hall on Saturday week.


St Katherine’s Church

The church was open for visitors on May Day Bank Holiday Monday. The Vicar, Canon Dr Richard Kellett, led Sunday week’s family service and played guitar. The Curate, the Rev Kate Byrom, played keyboard and gave a talk called Jesus – The Good Shepherd. Elissa Langton gave a Bible reading and Daniel Kirkham, and Emilia and Alex Severn presented the offertory. Later the vicar baptised infant Ivy Roebuck. The curate conducted evensong, led intercessions and gave a talk called Listen To The Voice of Jesus. John Dunn was organist and Kathleen Hollis and Eileen Norman gave Bible readings.

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