EMAS plan laid out

East Midlands ambulance

East Midlands ambulance

East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) has set aside £750,000 to increase staffing levels in a bid to improve patient care.

The move comes after the service was called to talks with local health chiefs after concerns were raised about poor response times to emergency calls, patient safety and the handling of complaints.

EMAS was told to produce a plan setting out how improvements would be made.

The £750,000 cash investment will go towards introducing more shifts on a voluntary overtime basis and ring-fencing money to obtain back-up from other services when needed.

EMAS will also buy ten community first response cars, which allow trained members of the public to attend local emergency calls quickly.

An investment of £50,000 will go towards the cost of a management restructure .

And an information officer will be appointed, costing £84,000-a-year, to manage performance.

Sue Noyes, East Midlands Ambulance Service chief executive, said: “We have developed a quality improvement programme to remedy where our performance has been below par and we are confident that a renewed approach to implementing this will give us the right conditions to improve our organisation.”




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