Gloria De Piero’s MP column: I will fight for all the way for constituents

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I’d like to start my first Chad column of 2014 by wishing everyone in Ashfield a slightly belated but very happy New Year.

Last year, I made a very simple new year’s resolution which was to never to take no for an answer and looking back over the past year I think it stood me in good stead as I managed to secure some great victories for local folk. I’m sticking with the same resolution this year.

Though I can’t promise that I’ll win every battle you have my word that I’ll always give it my best shot, so if you’ve got a problem or an issue that needs resolving, no matter how big or small then don’t’ hesitate to get in touch.
I hope that HMRC new year’s resolution is to deal with complaints a lot more effectively and efficiently than it did for everyone I know who had a problem with them last year.


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