‘He has got away with it,’ says Rory

Rory Davis who was assaulted at a nightclub at his home in Gleadless, Sheffield.

Rory Davis who was assaulted at a nightclub at his home in Gleadless, Sheffield.

A Mansfield man who was hospitalised with brain injuries after being thrown onto the pavement on his head by a bouncer has said the doorman has escaped punishment.

George Fessey (25), a doorman at Mansfield’s After Dark nightclub, Leeming Street, was told by a Nottingham judge on Wednesday last week he could face two years in prison after being found guilty of grievous bodily harm.

He was cleared of the more serious charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent over the assault on 29th December last year.

Rory Davis (21), who has had to move in with family in Sheffield while he recovers, suffered a brain haemorrhage as a result of his injuries and a hole in his skull means his brain is perilously exposed to the slightest injury while he awaits an operation to have a protective plate fitted.

“I have had a year prison sentence waiting to get my plate fitted - he will get less prison time than me,” said Rory.

“It hard to say what his intent was - only he knows that.”

Everyday life is quite a struggle for Rory now, who is unable to work and must be extremely careful to avoid any activity which could cause physical injury.

Rory, who was a call taker for Mansfield’s 652 Taxis, has since sadly suffered a stroke which left his right hand all but useless and unable perform the most simple of tasks.

He said: “Everyday life is very boring because I cannot go anywhere - if you go into town you feel uncomfortable being so vulnerable.

“Right now I just want to get better so I can work again and get on with everyday life.”

A jury was told last week at Nottingham Crown Court how shocked onlookers outside the nightclub thought Rory had been killed when they witnessed 17-stone Fessey’s actions.

Prosecutor Jeremy Janes said the bouncer had then picked his victim up ‘like a lifeless doll’.

Fessey (25), of Oaktree Close, Swadlincote, had faced the more serious charge alongside head doorman Brendan Hardy (40), of The Fieldings, Sutton, but the charge against the Sutton man was quashed.

A jury at the trial was shown CCTV footage of a confrontation between Rory and Mr Hardy outside the club.

Fessey then told the jury he saw a punch thrown at the back of Mr Hardy’s head so went over as fast as he could as he considered it a ‘big threat.’

Mr Janes told him: “I suggest you lost you temper and meant to really hurt him. He was a drunken nuisance at worst.”




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