Video: David pushes them out for our heroes

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Most of us have probably tried knocking out a quick 20 press-ups before work in the morning but Mansfield man David Wileman has managed 86 in one minute.

The father-of-two (41) was not simply aiming to sculpt his pectoral and abdominal muscles to perfection but smash the current Guinness world record of 73.

David completed the unbelievable number of exercises while wearing a 40lb backpack in front of a live assembly audience of 500 children at Mansfield’s St Philip Neri Primary School, including his two children.

He said: “Up until three days before we thought the record was 61 then we found out it was 73.

“But I was already doing that in 40 seconds so I knew I could do another 12 in 20 seconds.

“It was really nice for my kids to have everyone talking about their dad.”

David, who spent eight years in the British Army Parachute Regiment, is no stranger to the gym as an ex-physical training instructor.

“It is the hardest training in the British Army,” he said.

“I joined up when I was 16 and was one of just 12 who passed the selection process out of 84.”

A spokesman for Guinness World Records said they were in the process of verifying David’s attempt.

The current record of 73 was achieved by Ghazi Abi Saad, of Lebanon, Beirut, on 19th July this year.




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