VIDEO: EDL hold Lee Rigby tribute in Sutton

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A wreath-laying event in Sutton held in memory of murdered British soldier Lee Rigby passed off relatively peacefully, with police saying there were no arrests made.

The Mansfield and Ashfield Division of the English Defence League organised the memorial walk and two minute silence in Portland Square on Sunday to honour the memory of Drummer Rigby on the weekend of the first anniversary of his death.

A small number of EDL members attended the event and walked from the Market Tavern holding up flags, before laying a wreath in Portland Square and holding a two minute silence.

The event was held to remember the 25-year-old soldier, who was murdered on the streets of London last year, and was not a protest event.

But the EDL were confronted by a group of people from the Chesterfield and North Derbyshire branch of Unite Against Fascism, who had travelled to Sutton to protest at the gathering.

Nottinghamshire Police officers were on hand to supervise the clash of views that did result in a couple of minor scuffles between the two sides.

A police spokesman confirmed that there were no arrests made.




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