VIDEO: Matrix hair stylists pass on tips to Ashfield School students

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Hairdressing students at Ashfield School have had the chance to learn some insider tips from industry experts.

Top hairdressers Ross Taylor, Paul Falltrick and other professional stylists visited the school ahead of a hair show being put on by Matrix hair care at Festival Hall in Kirkby on Wednesday.

The school’s hairdressing department uses Matrix colours and styling products and has developed a close relationship with brand which means that preparations for the show - part of an annual tour to showcase its products to hairdressers - are done at the school every year.

The Matrix stylists not only work on students who volunteer to have their hair done for the show, but share their advice on how they can progress in the industry.

The students also pick up tips by watching them at work.

Lisa Slawson, programme manager for Hair and Beauty at Ashfield School, said the students love it when the stylists come in.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity as they get real hands-on experience with these stylists who have been in the industry for years,” she said.

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