VIDEO: Up to 50 firefighters help avert disaster at Bulwell factory fire

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A disaster was averted in Bulwell today (Tuesday 3rd December) thanks to the quick actions of workers who called out the emergency services when fire broke out at a factory.

It was feared that pressurised canisters could explode at the Coventry Road site prompting a huge response by the emergency services.

Firefighters from Stockhill, Arnold, Hucknall and a command support vehicle and specialist officers from Mansfield arrived just in time to help cool down a number of gas canisters with support from the police and ambulance service.

Surrounding properties were evacuated and residents were advised to keep windows and doors closed.

Station manager Richard Ellis is specialist hazardous materials officer at the scene. He said: “We’d ask people who haven’t been evacuated to keep doors and windows closed as a precaution because we’re dealing with a deep-seated fire and an acetylene cylinder is involved.

“Because of the cylinder, we’ve got a 200m hazard zone in place and we’ve asked for the trains and trams to be stopped.

“Five crews are on the scene and we’re fighting the fire with three jets and we’ll be here for some time.

“There’s not a huge plume of smoke because we’ve been getting water onto the fire for a while but it’s deep-seated and we need to cool the cylinder, and assess the safety of it before we can reopen the area.”

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is working with police, East Midlands Ambulance Service and the Environment Agency to protect the area as the fire is close to the River Leen.

“I saw the flames through the trees and then a plume of thick, black smoke appeared,” said Paul Sander of Cinder Hill Walk. “There was an awful smell in the air and we were told to keep our windows shut.

“The trains and trams have also been stopped and they are putting buses on instead.”




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