Wait for Skegby planning decision

Residents are concerned about plans to build 37 new homes near Pleasley Road in Skegby G130225-5b

Residents are concerned about plans to build 37 new homes near Pleasley Road in Skegby G130225-5b

Residents in Skegby are awaiting the result of a planning hearing to see if an application to build 37 properties in the village is given the go ahead.

A hearing chaired by the Planning Inspectorate was held last month after Ashfield District Council refused planning permission for 37 dwellings to be built on land between Pleasley Road and Mansfield Road back in May.

The council’s planning committee had been advised to approve the application by council planners, but refused it on the grounds of it being inappropriate development in the countryside and because of highways issues regarding vehicular access onto Mansfield Road.

A vocal campaign by local residents against this and other housing developments in the area had been backed by local councillors.

The applicants, Mr and Mrs Bluff, subsequently lodged an appeal and the hearing was convened.

The function of such a hearing, as with a planning inquiry, is to examine the local authority’s decision on the planning application.

The planning inspector, who is appointed by the Secretary of State, presides over the appeal and will make the final decision on whether to uphold it or not.

An Ashfield District Council spokesman said: “An informal hearing, chaired by the Planning Inspectorate, was held at the council offices on 19th November and was attended by the agents for the appellants, council officers, local ward councillors and members of the public.

“The purpose of the hearing was to enable discussion between all parties regarding the reasons for refusal.

“The council is now awaiting the decision of the Planning Inspectorate to determine if the planning committee’s decision to refuse permission is upheld.”

Coun Jason Zadrozny said that around 40 to 50 people attended either the hearing or the site visit that took place on the same day - a good number for such an event.

He said that though the inspector took the time to listen to everybody’s views, he is concerned that the council’s lack of a five-year housing supply will mean that the application will be granted on appeal.

This has already been the case for a proposed housing development on land off Gilcroft Street and St Andrew’s Street in Skegby and Vere Avenue in Sutton, which was granted outline planning permission on appeal.

The outcome of the hearing is expected in the new year.




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