Low turnout expected in EU elections

The Junction pub in Sutton is being used as a polling station

The Junction pub in Sutton is being used as a polling station

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The polling stations for the European elections have been open since 7am but it is expected that there will be a low turnout of voters across Mansfield and Ashfield.

People are casting their votes to decide who will represent the East Midlands constituency in the EU parliament, with five MEPS to be selected.

However, with no local elections being held at the same time in this area, it is not expected that many residents will go and vote.

The UK Independence Party are expected to win votes from the traditional ‘big three’ political parties, but Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat activists are all still on the streets campaigning.

At one Sutton polling station, staff said that very few people had been in compared to when a general or council election is held.

Most of those who have voted were described as ‘over 40’, whilst postal votes seem to be more popular this time, with more votes cast this way than usual.

The polls are open until 10pm tonight.

Have you been and cast your vote today? Or have you not bothered? Let us know why!

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